We're experts in a wide range of Towing and Emergency Services

Mesa Towing provides professional and caring service for your Towing and Emergency Service needs. Having an unexpected roadside emergency can be traumatic. With over 15 years of experience, you can trust our service. We can service your small- and medium-sized Towing needs, as well as your short/long distance towing needs and Emergency Roadside requirements promptly day or night. We take pride in serving you professionally, safely and with the upmost courtesy. Call us: (858) 864-8592.


Towing - Flat Bed Service Available

Mesa Towing provides safe and damage free flat bed towing. We do this in a few ways: First, the load angle of our flatbeds is the lowest in the industry and will keep your car from rubbing the bed. Second, we use wheel straps that go around the tires and do not scratch your wheels. We have specialized equipment that most companies would not put on every truck. We keep all of our equipment maintained and up to date.

Accident Towing

Been in an accident? We can help you get your car to a collision repair shop of your choice. Most of the time at no cost to you. We can bill directly through your insurance. We will even drop you off to get a rental car if needed. We will also leave the scene as clean as possible by picking up debris and absorbing any fluids that have spilled.

Long Distance Flat Rate Towing Available

Broken down far from home? We can get you back. We frequently tow cars from or to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and Imperial Valley. We can give you a discounted flat rate so you know what you are paying ahead of time with no surprises.

Forklift Towing

Need a forklift moved from one shop to another? Mesa Towing can get it done.


Locked your keys in your car? We can help you get back in. With many years experience and state of the art tools, we can get you back into your car without damaging your vehicle and on your way fast.

Fuel Delivery

Out of fuel? Mesa Towing can get you going again with delivery of up to 5 gallons of gas or diesel if needed.

Tire Change / Flat Tires

Mesa Towing can put your spare tire on if you have one. If you don't have a spare, we can try to put air in your tires. If you need to be towed to a nearby tire shop, we can do that too. We carry tools for removing locking lug nuts if you have misplaced the key.

Jump Starts / Dead Battery

Battery dead? We can get you back on the road with our portable jump boxes that can go where our trucks can't. Great for parking garages and other tight places or just for that extra quick service. With our expertise, we can help figure out why your battery is dead and what should be done to resolve the problem so you don't have to call us back again. We also have bigger jumper cables for those heavy duty jobs.

For more information about all the Towing and Emergency Roadside Services Mesa Towing can provide, please call us at (858) 864-8592 or email us using our convenient contact form: CONTACT US.